Navigating, before, during and after Menopause

Ancient wisdom combined with testing to give an integrative approach for you as an individual.

The Murthy Clinic

An integrative approach involving Ayurveda and Functional Medicine can support a smooth transition from Peri-menopause to Menopause. By getting to know The Murthy Clinic team and being aware (via testing) of hormone levels, each women will be fully aware and in control, of what to expect and what can be done to help address any symptoms and/or psycho-emotional changes they may experience.

The signs and symptoms associated with Menopause can start many years before as levels of hormones decline gradually, this transition is called Peri-menopause. Lots of women lack knowledge and/or understanding to navigate this phase, although some women seem to have an easier transition than others.

Sudden changes in energy levels, sleep issues, emotional turmoil and any consequential physical symptoms, can be extremely hard to cope with and on entering Menopause it can be challenging as it involves various psychosomatic challenges.

Working with Ayurveda and Functional Medicine, you, as a woman, can help take control of the changes in your body. Dr Vijay Murthy and the team will work with you to support whatever happens, testing as required, offering lifestyle practices and advice. You are not alone, we will work with you, helping you smoothly through the stages of your life.

Functional Medicine

To offset Menopausal symptoms, the Western medicine approach may offer women oestrogen and progesterone hormonal therapy, either individually or as a combined pill alongside perhaps an antidepressant to manage any emotional aspects involved.

Functional Medicine does not define a person by their symptoms, understands that we are all bio-individual and that there is no one-size fits all approach to healing. This means that your treatment path will be specifically tailored to you.

The Murthy Clinic approach is holistic, aiming to address Menopausal symptoms at the root. This involves correcting gut health, integrating a healthy and wholesome diet and regular exercise, alongside stress management. Hormonal and neurotransmitter balance can be achieved through safer bio-identical hormones, nutraceuticals or herbs to help the system transition in a natural way. This reduces the dependency on medications and synthetic hormones with their accompanying side effects.

For women, the transition to Menopause can sometimes be seen as something to fear due perhaps to a lack of discussion or understanding of what is a normal biological process. Peri-menopausal care, can help women experience a smooth, healthy transition from one period of life to the next. When a generation has lost the community and communication of elder women to help, younger women may become fearful. The Murthy Clinic approach is holistic and can help bridge the gap both with knowledge and support as necessary.

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