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Restoring hormonal health with Functional Medicine and Ayurveda

Hormonal imbalances can sometimes be overlooked or under diagnosed by healthcare professionals. The Murthy Clinic’s three pillars approach allows for hormonal dysregulation to be recalibrated and rebalanced. These three pillars are Early detection, Holistic intervention and Addressing the root cause of the problem. This is achieved using both Ayurveda and Functional Medicine alongside testing rather than guessing at hormone levels and taking an extensive health history to get to know you as an individual.

From metabolism, reproduction, to gut health and tissue repair, hormones are responsible for regulating most functions in the body. Contrary to popular opinion, while hormonal imbalance is widely experienced, it is far from normal. When thrown out of homeostasis, increases and decreases in hormone function can cause disturbances to both mind and body and is something that both men and women experience. Some of the most common imbalances affect the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and reproductive system.

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Hormonal imbalance is defined as a state of an excess or deficiency in hormonal production within the body. This can result from a variety of reasons, including medication, stress, illness, ageing, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Hormonal dysfunction and imbalances can considerably affect physiological functions, resulting in a plethora of symptoms including: extreme fatigue, brain fog, difficulty in losing weight, issues with blood glucose regulation, aches and pains, decreased libido, irregular periods in women, infertility, mood swings, anxiety, depression, hair loss, frequent infections and skin issues.

The Western medicine approach can result in hormonal imbalances flying under the radar, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovaries and adrenal fatigue are the conditions often missed, or diagnosed very late in clinical practice. At The Murthy Clinic testing hormone function can give early clues to what is happening, these can be followed up with advanced functional tests which are comprehensive and sensitive in detecting endocrine issues. Once detected, Dr Vijay Murthy and the team use a combination of extremely pure nutraceuticals, possibly Ayurvedic herbs and mind-body techniques to create a customised plan of action, to not just alleviate any pain or symptoms, but to address the root cause of the hormonal imbalance.

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