Supporting fertility with Functional Medicine and Ayurveda

The Murthy Clinic, using Functional Medicine and Ayurveda as just two of many tools, takes a holistic approach to understanding the root causes of Fertility and its management for both men and women. Fertility can be affected by many factors including hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammation, stress, environmental toxins and genetics. When it comes to treating any health issues Dr Vijay Murthy believes an integration of both East and West gives a much wider view on what is right for you. This is why when supporting patients dealing with Fertility, The Murthy Clinic team can include gynaecologists opinions and recommendations. Gathering all the information possible is vital to be able to deliver a holistic and customised action health plan that is right for you, your condition and your circumstances.

The Murthy Clinic approach

The Murthy Clinic Approach to Fertility is a journey of getting to know you as an individual. Taking a comprehensive history, perhaps followed by tests to identify the factors that may be contributing.

Dr Vijay Murthy will analyse and discuss your results, creating an individualised protocol for you as an individual. The Murthy Clinic by integrating Functional Medicine and Ayurveda, will help to address any imbalances that are possibly not helping your individual Fertility. This could include correcting gut health through balancing the microbiome, modifying diet and lifestyle to improve metabolic health and insulin sensitivity, clearing any toxins and heavy metals interfering with hormonal functions, and optimising hormones involved in the reproductive process.

Functional Medicine does not define a person by symptoms but rather understands that we are all bio-individual, there is no one-size fits all approach to healing, meaning your treatment path will be specifically tailored to you.

In combining nutrition, lifestyle and mental health, the ultimate goal is to create a bullet-proof system that functions optimally. This is why Dr Vijay Murthy incorporates Functional Medicine, rooted in science, as a 360 degree medical model just like Ayurveda, both disciplines are striving to get to the very root of the problem or disease.

However, It should be noted that there are conditions that can mean an individual is infertile for life, these include complete absence of reproductive organs, severe damage to reproductive organs due to infection, trauma or surgery, and advanced age, meaning the quality and quantity of sperm and eggs have declined too much. Medical procedures can also be irreversible, sterilisation, tubal ligation or vasectomy meaning an individual unable to have children naturally.

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