Anxiety Looks Different on Everyone

Dr Vijay Murthy treats a significant percentage of patients with Anxiety disorders in tandem with everything from unresolved digestive & hormonal issues, chronic to severe skin conditions, fertility issues, neurodegenerative conditions, insomnia, asthma, allergies and Anxiety related to diagnosis or treatment of cancer and addiction.

What do You need?

The Murthy Clinic team supports those experiencing Anxiety, peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms including brain fog, mental fatigue, over thinking and worrying patterns. Dr Vijay Murthy also works with young adults struggling to find answers to ongoing gut health issues or body weight, shape concerns alongside seeking help for managing their Anxiety. Equally elderly patients visiting The Murthy Clinic who may have developed Anxiety disorders with worries about a decline in their physical capacity, worsening of aches or pains, digestive issues, and insomnia also seek help. Many patients who have undergone therapy or counselling and are on medications like antidepressants are also looking for a more sustainable solution from The Murthy Clinic team.

Conventional Western medicine is often very helpful when the symptoms of Anxiety are severe, and medications combined with counselling can be of immense value. However when Anxiety is chronic or linked to other health conditions, such as digestive issues, skin conditions, weight gain or weight loss, age related hormonal changes, allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s or cancer… compartmentalising physical illness and mental health issues becomes ineffective. Nutritional and lifestyle approaches creating healthy rhythms, self-regulatory practices and developing deeper insights into stress management mechanisms, can help to create individualised guidelines for emotional regulation and mental hygiene.

Functional Medicine

From a Functional Medicine approach, identifying root causes such as gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and maladaptive stress response patterns, means that addressing inflammation, correcting nutritional deficiencies and introducing vagus nerve stimulation techniques can all play an important role in treating Anxiety.


From an Ayurvedic perspective, the mind is not local (not limited to brain function) the mind/body connection is systemic and interconnected, therefore, treating physical systems while addressing mental health issues like Anxiety, offers effective solutions for the person as a whole.

Vata Pitta Kapha and Anxiety

In Ayurveda, understanding a person’s Doshic type or phenotype (called Prakruthi) can help develop highly personalised treatment plans. For example, Anxiety may be the most familiar coping mechanism for a person of Vata constitution, while a need to be highly organised and over analytical can cause Anxiety in Pitta. Postponing addressing physical health issues in Kapha can trigger Anxiety when their physical health gets worse.

Anxiety Not all in the Mind

Emerging research is now showing that Anxiety isn’t always born in the mind, nor does it stay there. Suboptimal gut function, a poor microbiome and/or hormonal imbalances can be the culprits behind a variety of mental health conditions including chronic Anxiety, Depression and OCD. The existence of the Gut-Brain connection is now well established, we understand that gut dysfunction can impact mental health and that equally long term stress and or poor mental health can disrupt the gut microbiome. The Murthy Clinic is not only up to date with the emerging research but more importantly Dr Vijay Murthy understands the evidence and how it can alter the mind and body.

You may as yet not be aware that a poor gut microbiome (our internal gut flora) results in altering the neurotransmitters involved in Anxiety, Depression and other mental health conditions.

In fact people with mood disorders can also be experiencing varying gut disturbances from constipation to IBS. This can be due to anything
from poor eating practices ie. shift work, poor nutrition choices, excess snacks containing sugar, or can be due to digestive problems, food sensitivities or intolerances which can also lead to long term nutritional deficiencies. For instance diets low in Omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, Zinc or Magnesium, may lead you to experience Anxiety, however, you may never have considered the food you eat as part of the problem.

When hormone function is sub-optimal (not at is best), especially in connection to the thyroid or sex hormones, notably oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, adrenal hormones, an excess of cortisol can be noted the body. Cortisol, a primary stress hormone, can contribute to significant feelings of Anxiety and high levels of cortisol can also be found in those experiencing chronic stress, thus creating a vicious cycle of Anxiety that needs to be broken.

The Murthy Clinic team understands through testing and a detailed health history, what could be causing chronic Anxiety or a poor state of mind. When multiple bodily systems are not working well, mood can be negatively impacted and the result can be Anxiety. For instance chronic inflammation can result in inflammatory molecules crossing the blood-brain barrier, affecting brain chemistry and contributing to Anxiety. Functional Medicine looks at among other things the exposure to toxins such as heavy metals, as a possible underlying cause for mental health issues. Dr Vijay Murthy has studied extensively in both Functional Medicine and Ayurveda and understands the role in genetic variations and how inefficient detoxification pathways can contribute to poor mental health.

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