Moving beyond the symptoms
to the Root cause

The Functional Medicine approach focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease. By thorough consideration of diet, environmental and lifestyle influences, alongside the results of functional testing, the origins of many chronic conditions can be identified and treated

The Murthy Clinic Integrated Health

To really understand your needs, The Murthy Clinic team will look at all parts of your healthcare picture to understand not just the presenting symptom but where things started. By using an integrated approach Dr Vijay Murthy and the team will work together, not just on your individual health history, but a unique health plan tailored to your health needs.

Why not Invest in your Health?

No matter if you are experiencing chronic illness or would like to invest in your health for disease prevention, using Functional Medicine The Murthy Clinic will systematically examine your physical and mental needs and work with you for the best Health outcome for you.

Functional Medicine Process

Expect to work closely with The Murthy Clinic team beginning with an in depth look at your genetic makeup, medical history, environment and lifestyle. Using specialised laboratory testing Dr Vijay Murthy can help to identify complex interactions that may have led you to seek a consultation.

Once The Murthy Clinic team have the information provided by discussions with you, personalised testing, and, if appropriate, targeted nutritional consultations, Dr Vijay Murthy can create your personalised treatment plan to address any dysfunction in organ systems. You are always at the centre of any health plan, which can incorporate traditional systems like Ayurveda and cutting edge diagnostic tools from Functional Medicine.

Dr Murthy may include therapeutic diets, exercises, prescription drugs, botanical medicines, supplements, detoxification programs or stress management techniques. The Murthy Clinic works to help you whatever your health goals.


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