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The role of Functional Medicine

Rooted in science, Functional Medicine is a 360 degree medical model that strives to get the root of cause of disease. In combining nutrition, lifestyle and positive mental heath, the ultimate aim is to create a bullet proof system that functions optimally.

Functional Medicine doesn’t define a person by their symptoms, the understanding being that we are all bio individual and therefore there is no once size fits approach to healing. This means your treatment path through The Murthy Clinic will be specifically tailored to you.

The Murthy Clinic approach

The Murthy Clinic is patient-centred, personalised and holistic with an emphasis on identifying and addressing underlying causes to support your long term health and wellbeing. In each and every case Dr Vijay Murthy treats you the person, not the cancer. The aim of Functional Medicine & Ayurveda is to identify and address the underlying causes of any disease rather than just treating symptoms. Oncology offers surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which the Murthy Clinic does not. However allopathic medicine alongside Functional Medicine & Ayurveda can work powerfully together to support those diagnosed with Cancer.

Through comprehensive evaluation, Dr Vijay Murthy takes into account your medical history, family history, lifestyle factors and environmental exposures to identify any potential triggers or contributors to Cancer development. Based on the evaluation The Murthy Clinic team prepare an individual treatment plan that addresses the root causes of Cancer and supports your overall health and wellbeing. This may include dietary and lifestyle changes, targeted nutritional supplements, detoxification therapies, stress management techniques, or other modalities.

Dr Vijay Murthy puts an emphasis on disease prevention through the introduction of strategies that address major risk factors for Cancer development or future occurrence using combined integrative therapies (a combination of conventional and complementary therapies).

The Murthy Clinic understands that each patient is unique and will be experiencing differing symptoms, even when diagnosed with a similar cancer type. For example both breast cancer and prostate cancer involve addressing hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and optimising nutrient status and deficiencies, while colorectal cancer would require gut health and inflammation support.

Laboratory tests are chosen based on what is appropriate for the individual patient and specific tests are used in conjunction with the diagnostic and treatment approaches as part of a comprehensive individualised treatment plan. Common tests include but are not limited to, a comprehensive blood panel, functional nutrient analysis, hormone testing and gut microbiome analysis.

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