The Murthy Clinic

Nourish & Transform Your Health from the Root

The Murthy Clinic not just another medical practice.

A Sanctuary for Health

The Murthy Clinic aims to ensure your journey to wellness is paved with the care that honours your unique health blueprint. Dr Vijay Murthy, with his rich tapestry of qualifications and experience in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Functional Medicine, coupled with Dr Vikram Murthy's extensive background in General Practice, Sports Medicine, and Emergency care, ensure your health goals are met with expertise and compassion and are structured around you and your individual needs and goals.

At The Murthy Clinic, chronic conditions are not just managed but understood and treated at the root. The Murthy Clinic is a place where a 360 view on health is taken by Dr Vikram Murthy and Dr Vijay Murthy and where mental well-being, elderly care, heart health, dermatology, travel vaccinations, pain management, gut health, fertility, menopause, cognitive health and sexual health are all addressed with the utmost respect for your privacy and the personalisation that each of you need.

The Murthy Clinic health philosophy is simple.

Treat the Individual, not the symptom

Dr Vijay Murthy and Dr Vikram Murthy take pride in their patient-centered, personalised approach to medicine, blending Functional Medicine with the comprehensive scope of General Practice alongside the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. By integrating traditional and modern healthcare, Dr Vikram Murthy and Dr Vijay Murthy aim to empower you to not just heal, but thrive.

Whether you are considering a routine consultation or embarking on a transformative health journey, The Murthy Clinic ensure that your care is as unique as you are, and together are your partners in cultivating lifelong habits for health and vitality.

Dr Vijay Murthy

The Murthy Clinic

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