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“Dr Vijay wants to know you as a whole person, to understand your mind and body. Initially I lost quite a bit of weight, this was to do with my understanding of food. I am not a fan of exercise, but somehow he introduced core exercise and I joined a gym.

“I was highly stressed, which was related to the midriff, now I manage my stress better. I take mornings off, go for walks, read and see friends. These were lifestyle changes. I am now toning up my body, managing stress and eating better, the next phase is to up my exercise and get my body healthy. Dr Vijay goes on the journey, which is completely unique, he gave me the knowledge and understanding of how to look after myself and is the worlds best kept secret.”

Sonya K. Business Consultant & Strategist, UK

Stress, weight management

“Dr Vijay was helping a few of my colleagues, I’ve seen his results, my expectations were high. He builds a bond of trust really easily and you know he is on your side. He was the first person I turned to as he had done such a brilliant job with all of us.

“Going through menopause my cortisol levels had become elevated and certainly for me, I needed supplements to bring the cortisol levels down. The Ayurveda was balancing and the functional medicine gives relief while you are working on yourself. This unique approach is particularly effective and I would highly recommend Dr Vijay if you want to make a permanent change and not just deal with symptoms.”

Sian E. Business Manager, UK

Adrenal fatigue

“Post covid energy levels, breathlessness, generally not feeling brilliant, history of low energy looking for immunity and back pain help, which I have had for years. Dr Vijay really took his time to get to know me, not just my physical challenges, but me as a person, to understand how I think and function in my life. He is incredibly perceptive, mixes traditional (Ayurveda) with functional medicine, using testing results so knows he is working with a real picture.

“The six month programme massively helped me with a good recovery from long covid, energy levels are much better, with ongoing health education and how to take responsibility to keep creating good health. Dr Vijay is rare in that he lives his purpose, constantly improving, researching, he’s on it!”


Peri-menopause and Long Covid

“From where I was to where I am now, there is a huge difference. Before I could not have a discussion on the phone, was scared and anything would affect me. Dr Vijay has taken time, we discus everything in detail, which is helpful, he really observes while you are with him and comes up with solutions, supplements, therapies and a few gadgets.

“Dr Vijay wants to understand, he gets deep, asking why and looking for reasons, especially anxiety, a complex issue with the subconscious mind, trying different techniques and solutions. I think you did a great job Dr Vijay, you have given me great life advise, which has changed my beliefs and encouraged me to trust my body and the universe. This journey continues to be an interesting experience.”

Vedat Y. Serial Entrepreneur, UK


“Dr Vijay has shown enormous patience to help me, his personal approach on the first call was particularly unique. I have done a bit of nutritional training but couldn’t see the wood for the trees. With Dr Vijays energy, he is very calm, I don’t feel alone and feel perfectly safe.

“The biggest step is about learning to trust myself and listen to my body and lay the theories aside, as I am good at resisting and denying. Very glad to have cooked with him through recorded videos, I feel safer and don’t panic so much and encouraged to keep going on. It is not about highlights but continuity.”

Deb. Nutritional Therapist, UK

Food intolerance

“100% helped me achieve health and wellbeing, definitely something unique, incredibly thorough and committed from first consultation, You feel seen, heard, understood. Dr Vijay is easy to trust, has good rapport, affirming, perceptive regarding patterns behind illness, respectful with solution based approach. He is very versatile asking what works for you, very patient centred.

“Supplements post covid were effective so 6 months on after fatigue, have regained my energy, now looking to balance menopause, hormonal balance, sleep, gut health, including heavy metal detox, if you want to put in the effort to make it work, Dr Vijay will put in the effort, he always has something up his sleeve, like how to cook, which herbs and spices, gently encouraging a love for nourishment.”

Ruth B. Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher, UK

Menopause and Detox

“Dr Vijay offers an all rounded approach which considers factors like how the gut and mind are connected. During Covid when people were not able to work, travel or meet their friends, having a doctor listening and understanding the physical, mental and emotional factors was very useful as other doctors don’t have the time or attention to detail.

“Dr Vijay has changed my way of looking at things. I wish more people had access to knowledge and doctors like this. When I was told I was intolerant to yeast and my body was reacting, I had no idea of repercussions on my health. He is excellent for gut and hormone health, in the past my sleep got affected but now I feel 80 percent improvement and sleep like a baby. You have to do the work, have patience and follow through and then together the results are very fruitful.”

Pallavi S. Gemologist & Entrepreneur, India

Food Intolerance

“Diagnosed with auto immune disease Vijay didn’t treat the diagnosis as an illness, he looked at everything as a whole, what symptoms and imbalances, we spoke about inflammation and did various tests.

“Last year was a very transformative year, understanding the way I think and act, a highlight was taking the decision to go off steroids and immune suppressants.

“When I was planning to have a baby I spoke to Dr Vijay so he adapted my treatment to focus on a healthy pregnancy, keeping a check on my immune system, after my birth I will consult with him again about what to do next, I see this as an something ongoing into the future.

“Dealing with the root cause of symptoms by addressing imbalance through diet, lifestyle, habits and routines will help make positive changes, this is not a quick fix, you need to give your all, his approach felt unique to me, it was a really positive experience.”

Zoe B. Operations Director, Marketing Agency, UK


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