Not a place of work.
A frame of mind.

We use a flexible approach to transform your overall health and well-being.

The Murthy Clinic offers all the rigour, with none of the rigidity. Ticking all the boxes for clinical expertise, yet thinking out of the box in order to recreate your health.

Our team, which very quickly becomes your team, works with you to test and review your current individual health needs based on detailed evaluation. This is a process we undertake together, always retaining the flexibility to formulate a personalised programme. One that suits you – and your specific health condition.

Working in genuine partnership, we take a broad snapshot of you and your needs – if necessary, investigate any named condition or disease. Then we work with you to offer a targeted personal solution to improve your health and well-being.

We will first offer a private consultation, either at our Marylebone clinic or, if more convenient, on a virtual platform. This is followed by initial recommendations with suggested tests where needed, all of which will provide further clarification – especially if you have any underlying health condition or supplemental requirements. If tests are implemented, a follow-up appointment is arranged within the same month, to discuss and interpret short-term results with your team. This allows full understanding and participation in your programme.

Recreating your health is a marathon, not a sprint. Once identified, it’s important that your targeted approach is maintained throughout your full period of treatment. The Murthy Clinic recommends that you allow a 3-6 month timeframe to make the prescribed changes in your diet and lifestyle. In this way, we empower you to truly transform your health.

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