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Warm Oil Blend For Healthy Skin, Joints & Stress

Regular application of warm oil blends with sesame oil as the base before shower is beneficial in many ways.

  • Warm oil application after exercise and showering can help faster recovery and reduce body aches.
  • As a morning ritual, it can settle the mind and stimulate the body.
  • It can improve circulation and contribute to healthy skin.
  • It can keep the joints supple and strong.
  • At night applying oil to the feet can relax a tired nervous system, support good sleep.
  • It can relax the mind and improve the production of anti-stress hormones.
  • Regular practice of warm oil blend application can help in reducing anxiety, improving mood and concentration.

Chronic stress due to modern day lifestyle often alters the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal axis, resulting in vague symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, gastro-intestinal issues and even chronic pain. Warm oil application can be an effective preventative measure to reduce the impact of stress including the impact of ageing on skin, joints and the nervous system.

What do you need for oil application?

  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of good quality sesame oil based blend.
  • You can find high quality massage oil at the Ayuwave Shop.

How to apply the oil to the body?
Gently warm the oil to above body temperature by placing the bottle in hot water in a saucepan or under hot running water for a minute or so.

Starting with the top of your head and using the flat of your hand, massage gently over scalp, outside of ears, over face, following the contours of the bones, then the neck, paying attention to the back of the neck. Then working down the body, use round massage movements over the joints and long massage movements over the long bones.

Work very lightly over the heart area, but firmly over the abdomen, massaging in the direction of the colon (i.e. clockwise as you look down). Massage as much of your back as you can reach, then work down the thighs and legs to the feet.

Then wash off the oil with a mild soap in a warm bath or shower and pat yourself dry.

If you would like to try oil blends for self-massage you can them buy online at the Ayuwave Shop.

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