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Dr Vijay Murthy on UK Health Radio

Vijay Murthy on UK Health Radio

Five Key Lifestyle Principles During Covid-19

  1. Are you getting enough sleep? Usually 8 to 9 hours of a good night’s sleep is recommended. Sleep is our first line of defence against infections as cytokines produced during sleep help fight infections.
  2. Are you eating well? Try and prepare your own meals, rather than eating processed food. Use plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes and try out simple recipes.
  3. Are you using spices in your food preparation? Think turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic as they all have antimicrobial properties, so try to include them in your recipes.
  4. Are you doing some form of exercise? Stretches, walking, gardening, yoga or any other form of physical activity on a regular basis is very important now because it boosts your immunity.
  5. How are you managing stress? Fear, worry, anxiety, depression, excessive thinking can negatively impact your immunity. Each of us has to find a healthy way to reduce stress – try listening to your favourite music, chatting with a friend, learning something new, mindfulness, meditation, or a self-care ritual like massaging yourself with warm oils and having a warm shower/bath are great for stress relief.

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